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Inclusion of Haohai in HESE’s First Biotech Industry Index

On the 14th day of November, China Exchanges Services Co., Ltd announced covering biopharmaceutical stocks including Haohai Biological Technology under the China HK Biotech Index. This time point was less than nine months from the inclusion of Haohai Biological Technology in Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA).

Mr. Mao Zhirong, President of China Exchanges Services and Managing Director of the HKSE, said: “As more and more biotech companies are listed on the HKSE, Hong Kong’s capital management agencies need corresponding configuration. They need an industry benchmark to reflect the actual situation of the underlying stock. In addition, in the past 10 years, the new drugs in the Mainland have grown at a rate of 38% per year. The investment in venture capital and PEs in the biotechnology field has increased dramatically. Therefore, the launch of the China HK Biotech Index is a response to market demand”.

The China HK Biotech Index is the HKSE’s first industry index to track biotech companies. The index is based on December 12, 2014, with a base value of 2,000 points and the closing price is 5,298 points on November 14. The return was as high as 12.39% from the beginning of 2018 to the end of October, greatly outperforming the Hang Seng Index by -11.56%.

For Haohai Biological Technology which had been listed for over 3 years, the coverage has fully demonstrated the full recognition and affirmation on the company’s rapid growth and strategic layout within and outside the industry. This is the second time that Haohai Biological Technology has been included in the new bio-pharma index after 9 months since it had been included in the Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA).

This March, Loncar Investments as an industry investment agency, released the global first public index to track the Chinese biomedical industry from both China and overseas –Loncar China BioPharma Index (LCHINA). Haohai Biological Technology has also been covered in the index as a representative of Chinese biomedical industry.



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